Podcast Radio In the US has unveiled that 81% of respondents would be inclined to tune into a radio station that offers carefully curated podcast content.

Podcast Radio has unveiled that 81% of respondents would be inclined to tune into a radio station that offers carefully curated podcast content. The research, conducted with a sample of 500 podcast consumers aged 18-64 in the United States, utilized Coleman Insights’ Pod Predictor service to gauge the appeal and likelihood of listeners.

This study disclosed that the Podcast Radio concept enjoys a widespread positive reception among U.S. podcast consumers across various geographic regions. A substantial 25% expressed strong enthusiasm, declaring they “Love it,” while an additional 28% expressed a high level of interest, stating they “Like it a lot.”

Gerry Edwards, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Podcast Radio, emphasized the potential of Podcast Radio in combating the growing popularity of podcasts as a choice for in-vehicle, in-home, and mobile entertainment. He noted that the new data confirms that compelling spoken word content continues to evolve to meet the demands of U.S. listeners, making radio a competitive and appealing alternative for radio stations and groups.

Gary Krantz, Founder and CEO of KMG Networks, echoed this sentiment, asserting that Podcast Radio’s curated, customized, and localized podcast programming on the radio presents a significant opportunity for the radio industry and podcasters. The Coleman Insights study aligns with their experiences in the initial U.S. markets that introduced Podcast Radio, reinforcing its innovative and highly appealing nature.

AJ Lurie, Vice President/Market Manager of Beasley Media Group-Southwest Florida, an affiliate of Podcast Radio, highlighted the enthusiasm of listeners for high-engagement podcasting content on their local radio stations, emphasizing the premium opportunity this presents for advertisers. Their recent implementation of the Podcast Radio format on their stations has already yielded success in selling local programming, and they anticipate continued growth in revenue.

In recent developments, Beasley Media Group partnered with Podcast Radio and KMG Networks to introduce the new podcast multiplatform radio format across four regions. This format is now accessible to listeners through broadcast on various Beasley stations, including:

  1. Detroit: Translator 93.5 FM and WCSX-94.7 HD2
  2. Tampa: 1010 WJBR-AM (formerly WHFS-AM), WRBQ-HD2, and Translators 92.1 and 103.1
  3. Charlotte: Translator 94.7 FM and WSOC-HD3
  4. Ft. Myers / Naples: Translators 96.5 FM, 101.5 FM & 105.1 FM and WXKB-HD2

In addition, fans of spoken word content can also stream Beasley’s first four custom Podcast Radio stations and explore new podcasts via the PodcastRadioUS.com website. Each region’s podcast content is enriched with localized imaging, promotions, and station identifications.

Podcast Radio’s programming showcases live “Podjocks,” including the legendary Gene “Bean” Baxter, a former personality at KROQ-FM (Los Angeles) and a Radio Hall of Famer. The format features the finest and most popular podcasts from the U.S. and around the world, including content from TedAudio (TedTalk), Wondery, Evergreen, Corus, and more.

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