India is now listening to podcasts more than ever before

Good News: India is now listening to podcasts more than ever before.

Podcasts are crossing the hipster threshold to reach a large number of young Indians every day.  Meanwhile how long can you stare into smartphones?

A third of all millennials listen to podcasts on a daily basis, and 68% of all podcast listeners (no matter how old) feel that it plays a key role in their intellectual growth. In fact, having someone whisper information directly into the ear canal is fast becoming the preferred media of choice for both Gen Zs and millennials.

Ever wondered how they can just throw out a random fact about ancient Rome or why they bring up China’s mineral interests in an otherwise routine dinner convo? Podcasts.

While the most amount of tuning-in happens post dinner – between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. – 42% of Millennials & 36% of Gen Zs also listen to podcasts while at work, with 93% listening on their phones. The average listening time? About twenty-six minutes.

Gen Z craze about being productive AF and the wide variety of content, perhaps the easiest way to learn new, interesting and relevant things about the world. A new place for emerging storytellers to express themselves.

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